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Maricopa Native Seed Library: Select plants

We are seeking feedback about what's working and what's not with the seeds you've obtained from us. Please complete this short survey.


This page will help you make selections about which plants to grow/seeds to obtain at the library:

1. Plant profiles-detailed profiles of each plant in the seed library

2. Plant lists-to identify plants in the seed library that meet specific criteria, such as those that attract hummingbirds


Note: not all seeds are available at all seed library locations at all times, but the pages stay up for educational purposes. If you are looking for seeds for a specific plant, please call ahead to the seed library location you plan to visit.


Plant profiles

In the tabs above are descriptions for each plant in the seed library including its germination and cultivation needs as well as its wildlife benefits. Plants can be found alphabetically by common name within the category that best describes them.

Food plants-Plants typically grown as a crop, including vegetables and fruits.  

Our food plant seeds are obtained primarily through donations, and thus availability will vary and quantities are not guaranteed. If there is a specific variety of seeds you are looking for, call ahead to the seed library location of your choice.

Be sure to plant in season by consulting the Maricopa County Vegetable Garden Planting Calendar and/or Native Seed Search Planting Calendar.

If growing in containers, see our handout below:




Grasses-Flowering plants with narrow leaves. Sonoran desert native grasses tend to be bunch grasses.

Vines-climbing plants

Groundcovers-plants that tend to grow low across the ground

Some plants can function as either vines or groundcovers, depending on how they are grown.

Plant Lists & Palettes

 Brittlebush with nectaring red admiral butterfly

Red admiral butterfly nectaring at brittlebush. Danielle Carlock 

Picture of Hartweg's twining milkweed flowers

Hartweg's twinevine. Danielle Carlock 

 Hummingbird nectaring at Parry's penstemon

Hummingbird visiting Parry's Penstemon. Danielle Carlock 

 Pink fairy duster, a full sun plant

Pink fairy duster. Danielle Carlock. 

Picture of chocolate flower plants

Chocolate flower. Danielle Carlock