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Maricopa Native Seed Library: Maricopa Pollinator Pathway

Maricopa Pollinator Pathway



The Maricopa Native Seed Library offers a pollinator habitat certification program specific for our region, developed by a local panel of experts. We have a recorded workshop where you can learn how to setup your habitat.


Pollinators are in peril globally, being impacted by a range of factors including pesticides, habitat degradation and climate change. We rely on pollinators (mainly bees, but to a lesser extent butterflies/moths, beetles, flies, some birds and bats) to pollinate many of the crops we rely on for food, not to mention that pollinators are integral and critical parts of terrestrial ecosystems worldwide.

By creating pollinator habitat at home you can not only protect our pollinators but also reap the well-documented health benefits of spending time in nature. 

We are calling all interested parties in Maricopa County and adjacent areas (including Pinal, Graham, Gila, Pima, La Paz, Yuma and Yavapai Counties as long as you are under 3,000 feet in elevation) to sign up for our free certification program. There are three levels to choose from depending on your time and resources.  

We have also helped develop pollinator habitat at the several locations, including the Scottsdale Community Garden Club, the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and several schools of the Scottsdale Unified School District. Learn more on our Changex grant page!


How it works:

1. Choose the level of participation that is right for you (there are 3 choices-see below)

2. Build your habitat (or enhance as needed to qualify at your chosen level of participation)

3. Fill out the free online form based on the level of participation you choose

4. After we review your application, we will email you (check your spam if you don't hear from us) and your habitat will be added to our Pollinator Pathway map.  You can then purchase a sign to display if you choose. 




Contributing Level

Intended as an entry level foray into pollinator gardening, ideal for those that are: 

  • new to the area
  • new to gardening or pollinator gardening
  • have a smaller space (even a patio!) 
  • limited time/resources for pollinator gardening

Learn more and sign up!

Core Level

Intermediate level, ideal for those that

  • have the space, time and resources for additional plantings and gardening practices that benefit pollinators

Learn more and sign up!

Comprehensive Level

Highest level, ideal for those that:

  • are experienced with pollinator gardening 
  • have large spaces
  • have been gardening at the contributing or core level and want to go "all in"
  • have the time/resources to devote to a high level of pollinator gardening

Learn more and sign up!

Maricopa Pollinator Pathway Map