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Maricopa Native Seed Library: Seed ball plants (for AZNPS)

Seed Ball Plant Species

Here are the species included in the seed ball mixes made in July 2020 for the AZNPS/Maricopa Native Seed Library collaboration (if you are a member of the public and not part of this trial, see here for the seed balls mixes available now). Seedling pictures are posted below. Additional information for each species, including it's growing requirements, wildlife benefits, and additional pictures can be found on the linked profile pages.


Acourtia wrightii (brownfoot/pink perezia)

Young pink perezia plant


Adenophyllum porophylloides (San Felipe dogweed)
Seedling photo courtesy of Jack Dash.

San Felipe dogwood seedling


Aristida purpurea (purple threeawn)
Seedling with remnant threeawn. Purple
threeawn seedlings will be about 1 inch long 
purple threads. Photo courtesy Steve Jones.
Purple threeawn seedling


Bebbia juncea aspera (rough sweetbush)
Picture courtesy Lisa Rivera
Rough sweetbush seedling


Bouteloua curtipendula (side oats gramma)
Grass seedling that came up in a reference plot
for B. curtipendula; this is a typical appearance of
a grass seedling. Photcourtesy Steve Jones.

Typical grass seedling


Conoclinium greggii (Gregg's mistflower)

Gregg's mistflower seedling


Erigeron divergens (spreading fleabane)
Photo courtesy of Jack Dash.

Spreading fleabane seedling


Machaeranthera tanacetifolia 
(Tahoka daisy/tansy leaf tansy aster)
Young Tahoka daisy plant


Mentzelia multiflora (Adonis blazing star)
Photo courtesy of Jack Dash
Seedling of San Felipe dogweed


Salvia columbariae (desert chia)
Seedling picture below shows both cotyledons
(sagittate/arrow shaped leaves) and the true
leaves (folded/corrugate). Photo courtesy Steve Jones.

Desert chia seedlings


Thymophylla pentachaeta (parralena)
Picture of young plant, courtesy Lisa Rivera
Young Paralenna plant


Trixis californica (American threefold)
Young plant, picture courtesy Lisa Rivera
Young American Threefold Plant


Verbesina enceliolides (cowpen daisy)

Young cowpen daisy plant


Wanted: If you have pictures of seedlings for any of the species and wouldn't mind sharing them to aid in our identification efforts, please send them to