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Instructional Inspirations: Issue # 2 September 2009

This guide identifies a variety of activities, online tools, web 2.0 technologies and videos to enhance information literacy instruction.

September 2009


Title: Guess the Google

Authors: Nikol Price, EMCC (Grant Robinson is the author of the game)

Summary: Have you played Guess the Google? If you haven't, you should give it a try. Point your browser to:

This is a fast paced game that is great to use with a class. The object of the game is look at 20 images and try to guess the words used in a Google image search to produce those images. The game gives you 20 seconds to type in your guesses. If you guess correctly, it tells you and gives you points based on speed. If you do not, the game only gives you the first letter of the search term.

I use this game at the beginning of an information literacy instruction session to quickly get students engaged and to get them thinking about the importance of the keywords they choose when they search for information. I tell the students that they need to yell out their guesses fast and loud so that I can hear them and type them in. The game gives you 10 image montages and then gives you a score and compares you to the scores of other players. I love the way the game gets students to participate and gives me a segue to talk about brainstorming search terms.

Available At:

Title: TRAILS: Tool for Real Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

Authors: Barbara F. Schloman, Julie Gedeon, Jennifer Schwelik, David L. Bird

Summary: TRAILS is a knowledge assessment targeting a variety of information
literacy skills. Librarians can create a free account, customize the questions
to be asked, and adminster the assessment using the web. Although the assessment
is based on 6th and 9th grade information literacy standards, it can be used
as a pretest for college freshman.

Available At: