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Faculty Resources: Student Success

MCCCD Governing Board Outcome Statement

“Students will demonstrate post-secondary competencies in communication (writing, speaking, listening), reading, the humanities, science, critical thinking, problem solving, computer and information literacy, and mathematics.”


For more information about instruction sessions and ideas, contact your college’s faculty librarian below:

CGCC:  Kim Chuppa-Cornell
EMCC:  Jennifer Wong
GCC:  Dede Elrobeh
GWCC: Lili Kang
MCC:   Marjorie Leta
Sheila Afnan-Manns
    602.787.6691 or
Kande Mickelsen

PC:      Ann Roselle
RIO:  Janelle Underhill
SCC:   Danielle Carlock
SMCC: Lora Largo

Further Reading

Student success and the role of information literacy

Information literacy plays a key role in student academic success. Library-based assignments are a great way to enforce and develop important concepts and skills addressed in student success courses.  Library instruction and information literacy assignments for self exploration, library exploration, and career exploration integrate easily into student success courses.

See the examples below and contact your librarian to customize an assignment for your class.

Self Exploration

Developing self awareness is an important skill that shapes many aspects of students’ personal and academic lives. Library-based activities and assignments can support students’ self-assessment and goal setting work while learning important information literacy skills. Students can identify areas of personal growth and research a variety of materials to help them develop action plans and related projects/presentations.

Self Exploration lessons can address the following competencies:

  • Identify preferred learning style and describe it's relationship to teaching and learning strategies. (CPD150)
  • Identify and apply time-management strategies. (CPD150)
  • Identify and utilize interpersonal communication skills, note-taking strategies, test-taking strategies, and strategies to improve memory. (CPD150)
  • Identify and implement time-management strategies. (AAA115)
  • Identify and use effective study strategies that support success. (AAA115)

Library Exploration

Many students never use an academic library unless required to for a class. Library-based activities and assignments can help students feel comfortable and confident using the library and knowing where to go for help when needed. In addition, students can begin to develop information literacy skills critical for making the transition from high school to college.

Library Exploration lessons can address the following competencies:

  • Identify and describe campus student support resources. (CPD150)
  • Describe college terminology and identify campus support resources. (AAA115)
  • Connect with other students, faculty, staff, and the campus. (AAA115)

Career Exploration

Helping students identify their purpose for being in college is an important aspect of student success. Library-based activities and assignments can connect students with career-related assessment tools and current information on job outlooks and trends. Students can gather, evaluate, and synthesize their findings into projects and presentations.

Career Exploration lessons can address the following competencies:

  • Describe current occupational trends and outlooks. (CPD150)
  • Utilize career planning resources. (CPD150)

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